Netflix Offline Mode Now Available, Here’s How To Download Movies, Shows

Netflix only offers a select number of titles for its offline viewing feature at this point.

So far, Netflix has bucked the trend among media streaming service providers by stubbornly holding to its position that it will not offer an offline mode. The recent turn of events, however, indicate that it finally bowed to the pressure.

The company announced that subscribers will now be able to download contents and watch them without internet connection

Netflix Requirements

At this point, the new feature is only available to iOS and Android devices. The company has been mum if it will also head to the desktop platform. Also, its entire library of movies and shows are not yet downloadable. Netflix only identified a select number of titles. The list, however, is expected to expand in phases.

If you would like to try the new feature, you only need to follow the following steps.

First, make sure that you have all the tools required. Netflix’s offline mode is only available on the latest version of its mobile app. If your device runs iOS, you should also update it to iOS 8.0 or later. Android devices also need version 4.4.2 or later.

How To Download Netflix Files For Offline Viewing

To download a file, you can simply search for a title and see if it supports offline viewing. This is indicated by a download icon located on the description page. Just tap it and the download should begin.

To access titles you’ve already downloaded on your device:

  1. Tap the Menu icon;
  2. Choose My Downloads.
  3. Tap the Play icon on the title you would like to watch. For TV shows, you must first select the show, then tap the Play icon on the episode you would like to watch.

Managing downloaded movies and shows is also easy. Just head to Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. Then tap X to permanently delete the downloaded file. Bulk deletion is also possible by opening App Settings and tapping Clear All Downloads.

Why Now?

Netflix has not released any statement commenting on its change of heart. However, there are plenty of issued statements that provide insights why the company resisted to offer this feature in the past. These all point to the position that pure offline viewing is a marketing strategy that aims to differentiate the brand from the rest of competing media streaming services.

It is helpful to remember that most of Netflix’s competitors such as Amazon Prime already offer the offline mode feature.