Experience The Great Wall of China and More on a Beijing Layover

The Mutianya portion is one of the most preserved part of the Great Wall.

If you find yourself spending a long layover at Beijing Capital International Airport, don’t fret because there are several things that you can do to avert boredom.

One should remember that Beijing’s airport is one of the world’s largest and it houses several facilities and amenities that can keep you occupied throughout your long layover. If you happen to be in Terminal 3 and would like to do a quick shopping or just something fancy to eat, head to Terminals 1 and 2 because that is where the shops and restaurants are.

Activities Inside The Airport

If you don’t feel like getting out or exploring or simply don’t have the time to go out of the airport, you can take out your e-Book reader or any of your gadgets. The airport has free Wi-Fi internet and you can simply do these things in several of its cafes.

Terminals 1 and 2 are full cafes, boutiques and restaurants.

For those travelling with family and the idea of going on adventure tour is simply not viable, the airport has nursing rooms, smoking rooms and kids activity zone. This last is separate from the Activity Rooms for kids that can be found in all three terminals.

There are also Pay In Lounges that offer drinks and food. You can even opt to sleep your way throughout your Beijing layover in one of its single or double rooms or in several of its boutique hotels.

Exploring Beijing

The more adventurous, however, have more interesting options. China now allows 72-hour visa free layovers. What this means is that travelers can visit Beijing and do some sightseeing since the airport is merely 20 miles from the city center.

There are two ways to do this. First is to use a private Beijing tour. There is a host of available tours such as walking tours, food tours, heritage and cultural tours, among others, You can arrange one prior to your visit so that everything will be in order the very moment you touch down. This method will let you maximize all your time, visiting the most number of interesting places.

But if you have not planned anything and a city exploration is a last-minute decision, you can still go to the city on your own. In this case, here are the key locations to visit:

The Great Wall of China


his is situated in the northern part of the city of Beijing. Just take the 30-minute subway transport to the city. A taxi can then ferry you to the nearest portion of the wall called Mutianya. The trip is going to be really worth it even if that is the only thing you will ever do in the city.

The Beijing Airport Express can take immediately whisk tourists to the city center, situated several miles away from the Beijing airport.

Other destinations include The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Imperial Gardens. Don’t worry if you get lost finding these locations as some locals are quite nice and helpful.