The Best Fitness Apps for 2017

Fitness apps can help you become more successful in achieving your fitness goals this 2017.

The new year always brings people renewed vigor and optimism. And if you are one of those angling to have even better sense of well-being this 2017, here are the best free fitness apps that will help you achieve your goal.

Nike+ Training Club

Easily, one of the best fitness apps, Nike+ Training Club will offer you a wide range of workouts that have been developed by professionals. You can tailor fitness programs according to your specific needs. To makes things more interesting, you can even compare your performance with other users.


If you are the type who would be carrying around your program via an index card or a notepad to religiously adhere and monitor your regimen, this fitness app will sail you through 2017 with deep sense of accomplishment. It will not only provide you with custom workout routines but will also allow you to log fitness data such as set repititions, time and goals, among others.


Fitness and trimmed body is not all about exercise and workouts. Case in point: no matter how good your ab regimen is, if you keep on eating fatty food, you will not see any significant result for your efforts. ShopWell helps in this respect by counting the calorie of the food you will consume.

What sets this apart from similar calorie-counting apps is the fact that you can customize it according to your body type, including other variables such as your allergies.


This is definitely one of the most popular fitness or health apps right now. Its main utility is the amount of food stored in its database. You only need to enter your fitness goal like you want to build some muscle, gain or lose weight and it will recommend the food that you need to eat.

Charity Miles

If you are feeling less selfish and would like to pursue your fitness goals this 2017 while helping others. This app will let you do that. You will be able to help charity because the app donates money everytime you use this app to run, walk or go biking. This app will surely give you a more meaningful way to achieve sound body and soul.


One is tempted to say that this is the fitness app for the lazy. But it really is not. It just offers you numerous five- to seven-minute workout routines if you simply don’t have the time to go to the gym. The idea is for you to have more time spent on more important things like work and family.

Spotify Running

This fitness app is a Spotify extension if you will. The app will pick songs that will match the pace of your steps. So if you are jogging, for example, it will not only play you an upbeat song but it will sort of give you a sense that your are jogging to the beat of your own drum.

All of these fitness apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. Again, all these can be downloaded for free at the App Store and the Play Store.