Top iOS 10 Hidden Features For iPhone, iPad

iOS 10 Hidden Features

Anumber of users already spotted secret features hidden in the upcoming iOS 10.3 by way of a recently released beta. This involves two strange keyboards that are quite different from what we are used to in iOS devices.

Hidden iOS 10.3 Keyboard

The most notable involves the floating mini keyboard. When this layout is chosen, you will get one that can be dragged around the screen, hovering over apps. You can even use it to input information when using the split-screen mode.

The other keyboard is called the iPad Gestural keyboard, which has the capability to execute space and backspace by merely swiping right and left, respectively. The two keyboards are still buggy, which should explain why it was hidden. But it is confounding beta testers.

If these keyboard options are going to be launched in the official iOS 10.3, then users should already be testing it at this point. The wider public could access the hidden features on June 2017, which is the software’s rumored release.

Anyway, the above mentioned secrets are confined to the upcoming iOS update and accessible only to the iOS developer community.

You can, however, experience some secret features that are now available to your iPhone and iPad via the latest iOS 10 update. Here are the top so far:

iOS App Widgets

You can preview the widget and the options to add it. Just 3D Touch on an app and they would and these details will be revealed.

Hide Stock Apps

You can now hide unwanted native iOS apps using 3D Touch. The process is similar to uninstalling third-party iOS apps: long-press and hit the X button. You can bring it back in the Settings menu.

Song Lyrics

You can now view song lyrics on the Apple Music. When you play a track, navigate to the Now Playing panel by tapping the mini-player at the bottom part of the screen. Open the Options menu, through the ellipsis icon located at the bottom right corner. The Lyrics option can be accessed here.

iOS Flashlight Tweak

A hard press on the Flashlight icon will bring up the low, medium and high brightness level options.


If you want to be notified when your message at iMessage has been read by the receipient, you can activate the Read Reciepts option. You can find this by tapping the i button at the top right corner in a Conversation panel.

Touch To Unlock

Previously, you can just touch the Touch ID sensor to unlock your iPhone or iPad. iOS 10, however, now requires you to physically press the button for this purpose. If you want the old method back, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and activate: ‘Rest Finger to Open.’

Other Notable Secret iOS 10 Features

Other notable features include unlimited tabs in Safari app, Notes collaboration,
improved auto enhance in Photos, faster FaceTime connection, the capability to sort Apple News as well as the air quality in China via Maps, among others.
If you want a comprehensive list, Redmond Pie has compiled a hundred.