Google Chrome Tips and Tricks to Save Laptop Battery Life

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has all the power and performance to explain why it is the most popular browser on Earth. It is safe, fast and smart, providing all your preferences and user data upon signing in.

However, Chrome has an ugly side. The sheer amount of technology working behind the scenes for all of its features makes it a power hungry application. To demonstrate this, one could turn to a number of popular workarounds for saving the 2016 MacBook Pro’s battery life.

Chrome vs. Safari

At the top of the list, you will find that users are exhorted to ditch Chrome in favor of Safari because the browser could single-handedly drain the laptop’s juice in no time.
While some laptops might not be as affected as the MacBook Pro, there is still the fact that every drop of juice matters to a highly mobile user.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that Chrome users can do to save battery life.

Saving Battery Life

By default, Chrome runs things in the background when in use. Deactivate this feature by going to the Settings menu, which can be accessed by clicking the three dots locate beside the address bar.

Navigate to the Advanced Settings and scroll down to the System section. Just disable the “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed.”

Another trick is to uninstall extensions that you no longer use. At some point in the past, you might have installed some then completely forgot about it. This should be the time to weed them out. Even you are not using them, they still require computing power and, therefore, fuel. Additionally, removing your extensions will also make the browser more efficient.

Finally, try to use as few tabs as possible. True, sometimes we are not willing to close pages that we have stumbled upon. However, often, we tend to go on and on opening new tabs until such time we can no longer read tab labels. Each tab means additional work for Chrome and remember that it is programmed to draw resource just to ensure that all tabs work smoothly.