Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review Roundup


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been initially unleashed to the press so that by the time it started shipping to your favorite retail outlets, you would have been inundated with first impressions, hands-on videos, and the customary specs and capabilities from the actual hardware. We have evaluated a number of Galaxy Note 8 of these pieces and rounded up the most helpful to you especially if you are in the market for a new high-end mobile phone.

Comeback Kid

The bulk of tech journalists could not avoid referencing the fact that the Galaxy Note 8’s predecessor has been prone to exploding and this angle become an integral part of their narrative. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn, for instance, immediately pounced on this detail in the recently published Galaxy Note 8 hands-on video, which you can check out below.

“Why did they bring out another Note [when] the last one exploded?” Bohn asked. Well, just because the last one hit a snag, we cannot expect Samsung to just pack its bag and go.

Fortunately, Mr. Bohn did provide us some helpful details such as the way the Note 8 closely resembles the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ save for the S-Pen and the “gigantic” 6.3-inch curved display. He then cited key differences such as the form factor, with the Note 8’s length and more angular aesthetics.

As to whether Samsung succeeded in its latest flagship in the context of the Note 7 debacle, CNET seems to claim the last word:

“The Galaxy Note 8 has to wash away the bad taste of last year’s battery-burning Note 7 double-recall. It has to outshoot every other phone with a set of dual cameras that’s already out there. And finally, Samsung’s highest-end phone needs to outshine the LG V30, Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8, while also convincing buyers to choose it over the cheaper Galaxy S8 ($649.88 at Amazon Marketplace) and Galaxy S8 Plus ($713.90 at Amazon Marketplace)… From what I’ve seen of the Note 8 so far, it stands a fighting chance at doing all three.”

Note 8 Camera

Tech Crunch’s Note 8 review took a different tack, choosing to highlight key features such as the device’s dual lens technology. Here’s what Darrell Etherington has to say:

“The Live Focus feature is really cool, letting you adjust the level of background blur both on the fly before you shoot, and after the fact in the resulting image. It uses both cameras to simulate the depth effect, as does Apple’s Portrait Mode, but it’s nice being able to adjust the level of DoF in detail. Photo-taking is also key on the Note 8 because it’s a much better mobile photo editing device, thanks to its phablet nature.”

Note 8 vs. the iPhone

If you are one of those invested or simply interested in the festering rivalry between Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone or Android phones in general with the iPhone, well there are some published pieces that touched on this theme. Aside from the stylus, curved screen and the merits of Samsung’s Android OS interpretation, the Express noted how the Note 8 is waterproof and armed to the teeth with an octa-core processing technology. It also singled out the capability of the Note’8s dual lens camera, which is capable of a Live Focus bokeh effect that can be tweaked or edited even after the image has been taken.

“The Note 8 also offers another feature called Dual Capture mode,” Express added. “This allows both rear cameras to take two pictures simultaneously and allow you to save both images; one close-up shot from the telephoto lens and one wide-angle shot that shows the entire background.”

Galaxy Note 8 Flaws

If you want to nitpick and find faults, Trusted Reviews has been happy to provide you with usable materials. Reporter Max Parker is particularly vexed by the smaller 3300mAh battery (which is perhaps a workaround to avoid the overheating Note 7 issue that led some devices to explode). He was also aggravated by the Note 8’s “safe” development as opposed to the huge steps that the its predecessors in the S line took in the past. Then, there is the pricing. Parker branded it as the elephant in the room and rightly so. It will be selling by September 15 for as much as $960 (Sprint, Verizon). T-Mobile is offering the lowest Note 8 price, which is $930.